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Full Version: Can someone tell How To Open a .rgssad file
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Help plz plz plz. If anyone could tell me how to open a rgssad file i would like it a whole lot. if no one can or don't fell it's right just say so and i won't ask again or continue this topic. but to do this tho i need at least 3 people to say so.
You can't open .rgssad files, they are encrypted on purpose so that people don't open them.
You could reprogram a part of RMXP to dencrypt it, if I knew anything about programing.
The person who made the file probably wanted it to be encrypted, so I don't think you should even try to decrypt it.
I was on and I think blizzard and know somthing about opening them, they told me you either have to use a debugger such as SoftIce (Crackers like Paradox use this!) and reverse engineer RMXP. Me (I think.) Told me to change .rgssad to .raw and open it up with Photoshop, it comes up with lots of black and white stuff. They said that was the bytes of the rgssad. Strange.
Reverse Engineering is illegal. Unless you are a developer of the engine, there's no legal way to open rgssad files.
I can extract scripts form that file, but just if I install a small script in Scripts.rxdata, but anyone will want that :eusa_whistle:
But, open a encrypted library in Photoshop??? :icon_eek:
Using photoshop is great for spotting patterns. You can also easily change any character in the file by paint the pixel with a different color.
Even if there was a loophole in the law making it possible to 'crack' open the .rgssad file I most certainly wouldn't help doing it.
The principle in encrypting your game is to prevent others from looking through the materials and opening the game with editor.
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