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> Banner Contest, Create your own banner to show on the Asylum
post Jun 5 2005, 01:37 AM
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Monthly Banner Contest


About the contest:

Creation Asylum will show one different banner each month. Everybody is free to present their banner and participate into this "Monthly banner event". To know how it works, read the rules and procedures below:

The Rules and Awards:

Maximum submission per member is 1 per month

01. Requiered Banner Content:

The banner must contain the title of the site "Creation Asylum". The title must be the main thing to see on the banner. It must contain the slogan "The place to find resources for your creative needs". It must also contains the URL of the site, which is "" -- The banner must also contain the month for which the banner is presented. If you do a banner for the month of "September", the word "September" should be visible somewhere and fit the banner. You should use a layer program such as photoshop or GraphicGale to be able to modify the text of your banner without problems.

02. Extra Banner Content:

You can add extra content, especially non-text content, such as characters, decoration, background, etc -- as long as the text is always visible, and that everything that is seen on the banner fits as a whole.

03. Content Visibility & Font:

At all times, the text shown on the banner must be as easily readable as it can. The font used for the text must be readable and fits the banner style you did, and also the site vision. In other word, do not use any evil looking font or bloody font.

04. Banner Format & Size:

File Format:

File Size:
120 Kb or less

File Dimension:
Length: Maximum of 740
Height: Absolute height of 250 (Cannot be higher or lower*).
*If your banner background in your design is white or transparent, you can have a lower banner than 250.

The part of your banner that isn't part of your design (the image canvas) MUST be white or perfectly transparent.

05. Banner Style:

The banner style is up to you; for as long as it fits this website vision and skin. So it must not look evil in any way. This website is about creating, helping and entertaining a community, so the banner should also be about that a way or another. You can use the month theme to make special event banner, as x-mass for december, and halloween for october. Do not do banners for national events, such as the 4th of july or the 1st of july... as not every member of the forum live in the same country. If you do something, do it for major events only; if unsure, contact the contest manager via PM.

07. Other informations:

All banner are credited to the author of the banner; the proper credit will be given in the contest info bar and in the Hall of Fame (even if your banner lose the contest).

06. How to participate:

If you want to submit a banner for a particular month, you simply send your banner to the contest management team via Private Message using the links at the bottom of this post. You can submit up to 1 banner per month. Those who are accepted by the team will be selected, and the member of the forum will vote on the one they want. Those who get refused will receive a reply explaining why, it may be because a certain rules wasn't followed, or because the quality isn't good enough.

Don't submit your banner by creating a thread: those won't get noticed and the staff will simply ignore them.

You're also asked not to publish your submission before the poll is closed, if your banner participates in the contest. You're free to show it after the poll's end. If your banner is on the contest poll, we also ask you to not say which banner is yours so that the other members can vote for the banner they think is the best, and not for the banner for whom they want.

09. Deadlines:

Every submissions must be received by the 15th of the month, any late submission won't be on the official contest. The contest poll will be created the 15th of each month, and will be open for voting until the first of the following month. (Or, precisely, on the last day of the month on midnight) This simply means that you have 15 days for create and submit your banner, and the member of the site have another 15 days to vote for the banner they think should win.

10. Feedback or ideas for this event:

If you have any feedback, opinions, ideas or comments to tell us about this event, simply create a new topic in the "Feedback" section of the site, and we will be glad to look at it

Award Given:

The winner of the Monthly Banner Contest (or M.B.C for short) will be rewarded with 300 A.P (Asylum Points), will receive the Monthly Banner Contest Award (The emblem you can see at the top of this post) and will be listed in the Hall of Fame.


Submission Information:

To submit your banner or your question(s), send a private message to the contest manager:

Contest Manager: Sk
Private Message Link: CLICK HERE to send a message

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post Apr 6 2010, 02:56 AM
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April 6th, 2010

I've changed the maximum file size allowed for a submission from 100 kB to 120 kB, because of the new required image dimension.

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